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A General ticket costs between $5-$14 US one way or $10-$28 US round trip, depending on where you get on and where you depart. Please ask for the price at your ticket broker.

Resident and student discounts are available.


1. For those of you who are only wanting to visit the town of San Pedro a couple of times a week, paying the one way fare into town and back to your resort, is your best option.

2. The much requested and popular “Daily Pass” is back and available for a purchase price of $25.00 US per day. Following our regular scheduled service, this pass allows you unlimited travel, for the day, between Amigos del Mar and Blue Reef Resort.

Buy a Daily Pass – Call 501-226-2007 or email

3. Weekly passes are also available of which allow you unlimited ferry travel between Amigos del Mar Dock and your resort, on the regular run service. Depending on which resort you are staying at determines the price of this pass.

Buy a Weekly Pass – pricing_button

4. Coastal Xpress continues to offer the “Golden Weekly Pass” for the 2015 year. This pass also allows you unlimited ferry travel on the regular run service. However, you can travel from Amigos del Mar Dock all the way to Blue Reef Resort and stop anywhere in between and back. So if you want to leave in the morning and head up to X’Tan Ha for part of the day, then on your way back into town decide you want to stop at the unique Palapa Bar for an hour or so, and then catch the next water taxi back to town, this is the pass for you. It offers you the most flexibility and travel options. This pass sells for $125.00 USD per pass and is good for 7 days.

Buy a Golden Pass – Call 501-226-2007 or email

Be sure to inquire as to which pass or travel option will suit you and your family’s specific needs!

Your ticket (s) are available for pickup at our office on the Amigos Del Mar Dock. Please give them your name for your ticket (s). If you are using our boats for the first time from a location other than our office, please let the boat captain know you purchased your ticket online and you can get it when you arrive at the office.